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Mon, 02 Dec 2013
Millard Ironman&JV Wrestling Tournament
 December 6TH 7TH                     j 

Thrusday, December  5th    - Please fax your lineup by 8:00am to (435-743-5619)
Friday, December 6th Weigh-in at Millard High School at 12 P.M.. Two pound will be given. 106will be 108, etc. Please have your weigh-in sheet filled out so weigh-in will move quickly.
            There  will be a coaches meeting Friday at 1 pm  in the Band Room
Friday wrestling begins at:
                  2:00 pm.
                        3:30 pm
                        5:00 pm
                        6:30 pm
                        8:00 pm
Saturday, December 7th
                  8:00 am Weigh-in (No Additional pound given)
Wrestling begins at:
                  9:30 am
                      11:00 am
                      1:00 pm
                        2:30 pm
                        4:00 pm
Awards after last duel-1stplace team trophy
                                      T-shirts to all  Varsity contestants

Team Participation: Millard                        Mountain Crest           Canyon View
                                   Pleasant Grove           Manti                           Beaver
                                    Cedar City                  South Sevier                North Sanpete
                                    Delta                         Maple Mountain          Payson
                                    Mountain View           Stansbury                    Maple Mt. JV

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Thu, 10 May 2012
We are going to go to the Wolf Pack Duels Wrestling Camp. The camp is June 11-14 which is the week before the HS football camp. It is in the Blackhawk Arena in Salina, Utah.We should get around 15 matches and there should be 30-40 schools at the camp.

Who should come?
1)  All current high school wrestlers need to be there.
2) All incoming Freshman.
3) Any wrestlers over the weight of 95lb who are comfortable wrestling high school kids.

The following is the estimated cost:
Camp - $30.00
Travel - $20
Hotel - $12-$16 per day
Food - $10-15 day or pack food

More information is listed in the forms section.

Coach Burdett